East Morava – Zlín Region

The Zlín Region is a territory with a long industrial tradition, linked particularly to the entrepreneur Tomas Bata, who made the town of Zlín the world shoe-making empire in the first half of the 20 th century. At present, the Region still ranks among the most industrial ones in the country, but at the same time possesses a quality environment creating good conditions for the development of tourism. 

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None of the other regions of the Czech Republic can offer such a varied spectrum of landscape scenery, folklore, historical and technical monuments as the Zlín Region.

The Zlín Region is located in the eastern part of the country, along the border with Slovakia. With its area of 3,964 km2 it is among the three smallest regions in the Czech Republic. In the days of Czechoslovakia, the Region’s territory was the geographical centre of the state, however when the Czech Republic was formed it became a peripheral area. It consists of four districts (Kroměříž, Uherské Hradiště, Vsetín, and Zlín), with the performance of the public administration within its area  provided by thirteen administrative municipalities with extended competence. All together, there are 305 municipalities.


Zlín – the town of Tomas Bata, and also of greenery and sports. Such could be a short description of the East Moravian centre and regional capital.

The town and its surroundings offer congress venues of various capacity and services provided.


This picturesque little town on the very edge of the White Carpathians gained its unmistakable character from beautiful Art Nouveau buildings created by the architect Dušan Jurkovič from 1902-1914. The town is also connected with numerous famous persons who frequently returned to enjoy its magic spa atmosphere and splendid surrounding nature. One of the most significant spa guests was the composer Leoš Janáček, who spent twenty-five seasons here. Many of his works are linked with the spa; some of them were even written here. The comforting environment of Luhačovice is ideal not only for spa guests, but also for tourists seeking relaxation. Even the most demanding clients may choose from either modern hotels with a wide choice of services and special stays for various groups of visitors, or guest houses with almost a family atmosphere. With spacious congress halls, a wide choice of accommodation, catering, and other services in the middle of beautiful nature, the town was predestined to host various conferences, meetings, and company events. A varied offer of cultural events, colonnade concerts, performances in the local theatre, exhibitions in the Museum of Luhačovické Zálesí, as well as numerous sports activities (tennis, minigolf, cycling, swimming, fishing, and hiking) contribute to contentment and relaxation.  Long warm summers and mild dry winters are characteristic of Luhačovice. The town has a population of just under 6,000, direct coach connection with most large towns in the Czech Republic as well as Vienna in Austria, and express train connection with Prague and Brno.

The most demanded facilities for holding congress events 

Beskydy Mountains, Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, and Velké Karlovice

High mountains, picturesque valleys, unmistakable customs and traditions as well as unique folk architecture monuments

The open-air museum in the town of Rožnov presents the biggest collection of traditional buildings in the country. However, the heritage of the local monuments is much more varied and includes interesting chateaux, Jurkovič’s building in Pustevny, or the famous Radegast statue. The typical landscape of Moravian Wallachia consists of a mosaic of forests, meadows, pastures, and wooden houses set in hillsides. Apart from visiting interesting museums, visitors to Moravian Wallachia may admire the artwork of many folk craftsmen, or make a trip to the world famous tapestry-factory in Valašské Meziříčí. Folk traditions and folklore is present throughout the Region all year round. There are also numerous sports and social, as well as religious events held. And those seeking active relaxation will certainly be satisfied with the wide choice of activities: hiking, cycling, horse riding, swimming, climbing, golf, mushroom picking, or all kinds of winter sports.

This unique natural environment offers also excellent conditions for company meetings, conferences and congresses. Modern hotels with high-quality services and famous local hospitality create a splendid atmosphere emphasising the enchanting landscape beauty.

The most demanded facilities for holding congress events

Historic locations, chateaux

Organisers of MICE events may use the following venues: Holešov Chateau, Napajedla Chateau, Kroměříž Archbishop’s Palace, Nový Světlov Chateau. The historic building of the former Baroque Jesuit College Reduta in Uherské Hradiště or the Congress centre Kovosteel in Staré Město at Uherské Hradiště are also suitable for holding interesting events.

The Tourist Authority of East Moravia co-ordinates the development of tourism in the East Moravian tourist area (Zlín Region).

The Tourist Authority of East Moravia co-ordinates the development of tourism in the East Moravian tourist area (Zlín Region). Holding the first out-of-Prague meeting of the ministers of labour and social affairs within the Czech EU presidency in January 2009, among others, speaks in favour of the Region’s potential to hold congress and incentive events.

In order to support congress tourism in the Region, the Regional office for congress tourism (East Moravian Convention Bureau) was established in April 2010. The Office is organisationally incorporated in the structures of the Tourist Authority of East Moravia.

Our services

  • Support in planning MICE events in the Zlín Region
  • Provision of complete information on the offer of congress and conference venues
  • Consultancy in the selection of suitable venues for holding meetings and conferences, and suitable accompanying programmes
  • Organisation of inspection journeys for experts and journalists

MICE marketing support

Transport accessibility

By air

From Vienna (approx. car travel time 2.5 hr), Brno (car travel time 1 hr.), Ostrava (car travel time 1.5 hr.), Bratislava (car travel time 1.5 hr.) 

By car

Connection of the Zlín Region to the motorway network - D1 motorway (towards Brno, Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava), I/49 road (Slovakia), I/55 road (Austria) 


Category  Star-based ranking from 5* hotels to economy  Total number of hotels in a given category  Total number of rooms  Total number of beds 
5* Hotel Baltaci Atrium, Zlín 1 29 61
4*S Hotel Jurkovičův dům Luhačovice 2 26 52
4*S Hotel Augustiniánský dům Luhačovice 2 26 52
4* Hotel Palace, Luhačovice 15 138 230
4* WELLNESS HOTEL POHODA Luhačovice 15 84 168
4* Orea Hotel Atrium, Otrokovice 15 61 122
4* Wellness Hotel Rezidence Ambra Luhačovice 15 59 118
4* Wellnes Resort Energetic, Rožnov p. Radhoštěm 15 61 112
4* ALEXANDRIA Spa & Wellness hotel, Luhačovice 15 58 106
4* Spa hotel Lanterna, Velké Karlovice 15 53 106
4* Hotel Vyhlídka Luhačovice (i s depandance) 15 47 98
4* Hotel Kopanice, Žítková, Bílé Karpaty 15 26 52
4* Hotel AGH Rožnov pod Radhoštěm 15 24 47
4* Hotel Abácie & Wellness Valašské Meziříčí 15 24 44
4* Lázeňský hotel Vila Antoaneta, Luhačovice 15 27 41
4* Lesní Hotel, Zlín 15 20 40
4* Wellness Hotel Horal, rezidence E, Velké Karlovice 15 18 40
4* Hotel La Fresca, Kroměříž 15 13 27