Eastern Bohemia

Eastern Bohemia is situated on the Bohemian-Moravian border and covers the territory of the present-day Pardubice Region. It borders Poland in the north; thanks to its location it is also easily accessible from all other neighbouring countries – Slovakia, Austria, and Germany. 

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The Region’s advantage is a wide offer of cultural and sports activities, museums of handcraft traditions, galleries, and historic and religious monuments in combination with the beauties of nature from the Elbe river lowlands up to the Orlické (Eagle) Mountains tops.

Regarding congress tourism, the region has been undergoing a dynamic development and with its offer of quality services it is an ideal location for holding medium-size events. Accommodation is provided in three- and four-star hotels with conference facilities and complete related services.

Pardubice tourist area

The Pardubice area is rich with historic monuments, such as the Gothic-Renaissance chateau and historic centre of the town of Pardubice and the Kunětická Hora Castle. An exceptional historic site is the Kladruby nad Labem stud farm, famous for breeding old Kladruby horses. The town of Lázně Bohdaneč, the only spa location in the region, is surrounded by the Bohdanečské ponds national park with a network of cycle-routes.

The regional capital Pardubice is a modern town with a historic centre, lying on the confluence of the Elbe and Chrudimka rivers, only 100 km from Prague. The picturesque Pernštýnské Square is dominated by Zelená brána (Green Gate), the top of which offers an excellent view of the Kunětická Hora Castle as well as the historic town centre forming a conservation area. Visitors to Pardubice should taste the traditional local gingerbread. Annually, the town hosts the well-known speedway motorcycle races “Golden Helmet” and the famous steeplechase “Velká Pardubická”.

Chrudim-Hlinsko tourist area

The Chrudim-Hlinsko area, located in the south-western part of Pardubice Region, has many beauties of nature, bodies of water, and castle ruins such as Oheb above the Seč reservoir, Lichnice near Třemošnice, or Košumberk v Luži. This is a region of folk architecture and old crafts. Traditional carnivals with masks are on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

The largest town of the area is Chrudim, with an extensive municipal conservation area and three museums (regional, puppet cultures, and Baroque statues). Interesting exhibitions may be found also in the Municipal museum in the Baroque chateau Chrast and in the Municipal museum and gallery in Hlinsko. The Municipal museum in Skuteč offers an exhibition of stonemasonry and shoemaking, while Berlova vápenka (lime works) in Závrtec u Třemošnice houses an exhibition of lime burning. Visitors to the village of Nasavrky may follow in the footsteps of the Celts. The Slatiňany Chateau and stud farm hosts a museum exhibition of the Auersperg family period. The Ležáky monument commemorates the tragic destruction of the village during the post-Heydrich terror.

Bohemian-Moravian Borderlands tourist area

The Bohemian-Moravian Borderlands is a region of rolling thick forests, romantic valleys, and sandstone cliffs. A unique experience is a visit to the Toulovcovy Maštale (“stables”) nature reserve formed by numerous rock formations, gorges, and canyon valleys. The territory, defined by the ancient towns of Litomyšl, Moravská Třebová, Polička, Svitavy, and Vysoké Mýto, invites not only enthusiasts of history and historic monuments, but also devotees of cultural experiences, beauties of nature, and technical rarities.

Litomyšl is especially known for its Renaissance chateau, listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The town hosts the annual music festival Smetana’s Litomyšl. Polička, the birthplace of the composer Bohuslav Martinů, offers preserved town walls encircling the whole town. The nearby Svojanov Castle is one of the oldest royal castles in the country. Svitavy, the birthplace of Oskar Schindler, has a beautiful square with many Renaissance and Baroque houses. The Renaissance chateau in Moravská Třebová offers several exhibitions as well as a medieval torture chamber and alchemist laboratory. Thanks to its beauty and well groomed gardens, the rococo chateau in Nové Hrady is nicknamed “Bohemian Versailles”. Vysoké Mýto welcomes its visitors with one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic with the Gothic St. Lawrence’s Church, and also a regional museum with exhibitions of old technical rarities and car design.

Orlické Mountains and Podorlicko tourist area

The Orlické (Eagle) Mountains and Podorlicko tourist area is situated in the northern part of Eastern Bohemia, on the territory of two regions - Hradec Králové and Pardubice. The area has a lot to offer to those interested in nature, history, and culture as well as sports activities.

The Tichá Orlice river flows through the picturesque valleys of the Pardubice section of the area. In the Peliny nature reserve, its riverbed is lined with marlstone walls up to 35 m high. The “Orlické cycling and in-line kingdom” is situated in the area, one of the most beautiful cycling-routes runs along Tichá Orlice from Choceň to Letohrad.

The largest town of the area is Česká Třebová, an important rail junction and modern international traffic terminal. The town of Letohrad offers an extensive exhibition “Museum of crafts” and an early-Baroque chateau. A gate to the Orlické Mountains is the town of Jablonné nad Orlicí, situated near the Pastvinská reservoir and the Buková hora winter resort with Čenkovice and Červená Voda ski centres. Visitors to Brandýs nad Orlicí may wander in a natural hornbeam labyrinth, situated in the vicinity of “the teacher of nations” Johannes Amos Comenius’ monument, commemorating his work “Labyrinth of the World and Paradise of the Heart” written during his stay in this town.

Králický Sněžník tourist area

Visitors of the smallest tourist area within Eastern Bohemia are welcomed by the unspoiled nature of the Králický Sněžník massif, Jeřáb, Buková hora, and Suchý vrch hills. Places of interest include also a system of frontier fortifications from 1935-38, pilgrim site Hora Matky Boží in Dolní Hedeč, and Králíky municipal conservation area. All these places tell interesting stories about local people, their desires, courage, as well as skilfulness.

Dolní Morava is a popular, year-round recreation complex with many hotels, but is particularly a winter-sport centre thanks to its excellent infrastructure and lit sledge track. The Military museum in Dolní Lipka presents an exhibition of military equipment from the Second World War. An annual event called Cihelna (“Brickworks”) takes places in its vicinity in August, with demonstrations of warfare for military history enthusiasts.

Incentive programme

The Pardubice Region territory stretches from the Elbe river lowlands up to the Orlické Mountains tops and the Králický Sněžník massif in the east, and the Železné (Iron) Mountains and Žďárské vrchy in the south. It Includes areas for hiking, bodies of water for summer refreshment, cycling-routes both in the hills and flatlands, adrenaline parks and unusual sports grounds (often set in beautiful natural spots) for those wishing to test their skills and courage. The region also offers numerous tourist-attractive places the visit of which may diversify an official programme of a congress or company event. A suitable diversification of such events may include spa procedures or interactive programmes focused on sports, adrenaline activities, and culture.

Let yourselves be pampered in a spa close to the regional capital

Less than 10 km from Pardubice, the beautiful spa town of Lázně Bohdaneč is situated. Its main assets are extensive deposits of boggy soils in its surroundings used for healing procedures. The spa wellness centre offers top-quality services for all those that want to let themselves be pampered, or just relax after an exhausting conference or meeting. Coniferous and deciduous forests and groves, and the remains of an extensive medieval pond system form a beautiful flatland of the area.

Play golf below a castle

Between the two biggest towns in the region, Pardubice and Hradec Králové, one of the best golf courses in the country is located. It offers a wonderful view of the landmark of the eastern Elbe river territory, the Kunětická Hora Castle, situated approximately one kilometre away. The whole course is surrounded by woods, perfectly isolating players from the outside bustle. The complex includes a four-star hotel with a congress centre, offering also facilities for relaxing and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities.

Take a ride in a tank

On the edge of Přelouč, a small town situated 20 km from the regional capital Pardubice, an unusual adrenaline park is located, ideal for company and teambuilding events. The five-hectare park offers numerous posts sharing a single feature – an unusual challenge. Activities offered include driving a tank or armoured vehicle, disassembling and assembling various hand weapons, racing on dragon boats, playing paintball, climbing in a rope centre, and many others. The park operator further provides complete accommodation and catering services.

Rope centres and other outdoor activities

The Pardubice Region includes a large number of adrenaline parks and sports grounds suitable for accompanying programmes of various company and congress events. Well equipped parks may be found for example in a sports centre in Česká Třebová (www.peklak.cz), next to the outdoor swimming pool in Pardubice (www.lanovecentrum-pardubice.cz), or in the beautiful wooded area Podhůra at Chrudim (www.lesychrudim.cz). A flooded sand quarry in Mělice at Přelouč offers an unusual experience for water sports enthusiasts – water skiing (www.waterski.cz).

The Orlické Mountains area offers a network of recently built quality cycling-routes, attracting cyclists as well as in-liners, along the valley of the Tichá Orlice river, suitable also for canoeing. Visitors may admire the local virgin nature also from horseback, riding along marked routes.

The north-eastern tip of the Region, close to the town of Králíky, offers ideal conditions for paragliding (www.apg.cz). Visitors may enjoy the local beauties of nature from a bird’s eye view. A similar view may be enjoyed from hot-air balloons, operated in Skuteč, Vysoké Mýto, and Chrudim airfields.

The Dolní Morava centre below the Králický Sněžník massif offers beautiful nature, the services of a modern and luxurious congress and wellness hotel, and unusual activities. A programme of a meeting or congress event may be combined with adrenaline activities or a climb to the top of one of the highest mountains in the country (www.dolnimorava.cz).

Excitement at the steering wheel

Growing popularity is gained by accompanying programmes which include go-karts and quad-bikes driving or testing one’s driving skills on a racing track. And this is exactly what is offered by the go-kart track in Litomyšl (www.akartarena.cz) and Vysoké Mýto racing track (www.autodromvmyto.cz), where drivers can also attend a very useful skid course.

East Bohemia Convention Bureau

The Pardubice Region has been undergoing dynamic development in the congress tourism sphere. New high-capacity congress centres are being built, including facilities for accompanying sports, cultural, adrenaline, and relaxation activities. The region offers also numerous tourist-attractive locations which may diversify an official programme of a congress, training, presentation, political or business meeting, or company event. Suitable variation of an official part of such events includes also spa procedures or interactive incentive programmes focused on sports, culture, or handcraft traditions.

The Pardubice Region is an ideal place for holding medium-size events, with accommodation provided in three- and four-star hotels with conference facilities and complete conference services. Many sports halls, football and ice-hockey stadiums, golf courses, rope centres, cycle and in-line routes, outdoor and indoor race tracks, ski centres, bodies of water, etc. are available for performing sport activities.

How to get there

The Pardubice Region is a destination in the centre of Europe, situated on the Bohemian-Moravian borderlands and bordering Poland. The regional capital Pardubice lies 100 km from Prague. Since a railway corridor connecting Berlin and Vienna runs through the whole Region, all bigger towns are easily accessible by train. Access to a European motorway network lies 15 km from Pardubice. The Pardubice international airport is one of the five main airports in the country.

The East Bohemia Convention Bureau is a regional office established within the DMC East Bohemia in order to support and promote subjects providing services in congress, corporate, and incentive tourism. It also operates in the field of congress tourism coordination within Pardubice Region. The East Bohemia Bureau office possesses experienced staff ready to help with organising a trouble-free congress, meeting, exhibition and other events.

The Region offers ideal conditions for holding MICE events also thanks to offered high-quality services of accommodation providers, organisers, carriers, and accompanying activities providers.

The East Bohemia Convention Bureau offers the following free services:

  • Support of planning MICE events in Pardubice Region,

  • Information and consultancy for selecting suitable congress and meeting venues,

  • Information and consultancy for selecting accommodation as required,

  • Information and consultancy for selecting an agency providing the event organisation,

  • Tips on incentive programmes,

  • Visits to places chosen by the client,

  • Provision of promotional materials.

We’ll arrange anything you need for your event!

Transport accessibility

By air

The Pardubice international airport (www.airport-pardubice.cz) is favourably located in the middle of East Bohemia, approximately 4 km south-west of the town, accessible from all directions without the need to drive through the town centre.

Important telephone numbers:

• Information for passengers: +420 466 310 155
• Handling: +420 466 310 115

The town centre is serviced by public transport buses, lines nos. 8, 14, 24, and 88; normal ticket costs CZK 15.

The enclosed airport premises offer a sufficient number of free parking places located close to the departure lounge.

By car and train

The regional capital Pardubice is connected via a highway to the D11 motorway which links Hradec Králové to Prague. The distance from Prague is approximately 100 km and the journey takes under an hour.

The Pardubice Region lies along the European railway corridor connecting Berlin and Vienna. Pardubice and Česká Třebová are among the most important rail junctions in the country, connecting Central and West Bohemia with Moravia and Silesia.