Moravian-Silesian Region

The Moravian-Silesian Region is the third most populated region in the Czech Republic (1.243 million) and among the most rapidly developing ones. Its strategic location was known to medieval traders who founded important trade routes: the Amber Route, Salt Route, and Northern Route. 

Contact information

Convention Bureau Moravian-Silesian
Prokešovo nám. 8
729 30 Ostrava
Tel.: +420 733 690 100

E-mail: convention@ostrava_cz

Web pages

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Today, the region is a proud land with rich culture and history, offering facilities for hosting large congresses as well as smaller meetings in a unique environment. Only here, in the diverse distinctive region on the boundary of three countries, can visitors find an atmosphere they will never forget.

The largest congress halls available:

Lower Vítkovice area GONG 1 509 míst, 6 252 m2

Black Meadow Exhibition Centre Hala NA2 1 000 míst 6 570 m2

Landek Park Kompresorovna 600 míst 800 m2

"Trojhalí Karolina" Trojhalí 1 000 míst 6000 m2

Clarion Congress Hotel Ostrava Congress Center, 650 míst 800 m2


Incentive programme 

Discovering, enjoying, relaxing. Playing golf on a different course every day. Shopping in the newest shopping centres. Enjoying culture events in opera, theatres, and galleries. Testing adrenaline madness. Going deep down the pit in Ostrava. A golf course between four coal pits. A region you can explore from air, ground, or underground. Just choose.

The Convention Bureau for the Moravian-Silesian Region 

The Convention Bureau for the Moravian-Silesian Region is located in Ostrava, the third largest city of the Czech Republic. Our team has been seeking to utilise all aspects of the region and open this unique and dynamic destination in the heart of Europe to the world. With its amazing atmosphere of industrial locations, high-quality services, and sufficient capacities, the Moravian-Silesian Region is an ideal place for hosting events of all kinds.


  • Finding an ideal destination for you next congress, seminar or any other event
  • Recommending and providing auspices, experts, guarantors
  • Providing contacts for co-operation and partnership
  • Helping with arranging potential permits and other formalities
  • Supporting clients’ candidacies
  • Introducing the town and region to clients
  • Closely co-operating with other Czech regions through the Czech Convention Bureau membership

Transport accessibility 

By air

The Leoš Janáček international airport provides regular as well as private and charter flights. It has the longest runway in the country where the legendary B-52 lands during the NATO Days festival. Direct flights from the airport:

Regular flights from Ostrava
Ostrava – Vídeň
Ostrava – Praha
Ostrava – Paříž
Ostrava – Londýn (spring 2013)
Ostrava – Řím (spring 2013)

Nearest international airports 

Katowice, Pyrzowice (Polsko) 90 km
Brno, Tuřany (ČR) 170 km
Krakov, J. Paul II Balice Intl. (Polsko) 180 km
Praha, Václava Havla (ČR) 380 km
Bratislava, Ivanka (Slovensko) 280 km
Vídeň, (Rakousko) 300 km


Ostrava - Brno 170 km 1,0 h
Ostrava - Praha 380 km 4,5 h
Ostrava - Krakow 180 km 1,5 h
Ostrava - Vídeń 300 km 4,0 h
Ostrava - Bratislava 280 km 3,5 h
Ostrava – Berlín 530 km 7,5 h
Ostrava – Drážďany 500 km 6,0 h

Rail connection 

Ostrava – Prague: three carriers – Czech Rail, RegioJet, LeoExpress (from December 2012, up to 30 connections daily. Travel time over 3 hours.

Ostrava – Katowice: direct connection departing in early morning, travel time around 4 hours.

Ostrava – Vienna: travel time around 4 hours.

Ostrava – Bratislava: travel time 3 hours.