FAM TRIP called “Ostrava ride!!!“

On 1 March 2012, a FamTrip for tourist industry experts called “Ostrava ride!!!” was held.  

Ostrava introduced its history, present and future, while presenting itself to the experts as an ecological city. The municipal transport company provided the transport between attractive spots with an electrobus. All participants could examine capacities offered by the Černá louka exhibition grounds and the Slezskoostravský Castle. They were among the first people to visit the Blast Furnace no. 1 and enjoy the view from its top, the unique gasholder, and other spaces and areas prepared by Dolní oblast Vítkovice.

They looked around from the tallest town-hall tower in the country. They not only visited Landek Park with its beautiful compressor station, but also went down into the pit with a miner’s flag and snack. The FamTrip was attended by 20 people. Its varied programme, focusing particularly on the MICE segment, was prepared by the city of Ostrava, CONVENTION!!! in co-operation with the Czech Tourism Prague and Czech Convention Bureau.

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